Swift Water Rescue Training

Public Safety Dive Services offers Swift Water Rescue Training for Level I, II operational classes for any public safety team member that has swift water rescue situations or the potential for swift water in their response area.

PSDS has developed Swiftwater training courses with the knowledge that whitewater sports, floods and swift water accidents are on the rise, putting fire, police and EMS at more risk than any other type of rescue. Our instructors know that one mistake in a swift water rescue can lead to multiple rescuer fatalities in a matter of seconds. At PSDS our focus is providing the highest level of training in Swift Water Training under the safest possible conditions.

Public Safety Dive Supply prides itself on having the highest rated public safety swift water rescue training courses in the western United States. These courses meet and exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) water standards.

Swiftwater Rescue Level I and II

This course is designed to provide information and hands-on training to students/team members who may need to respond to a swift water call where no water entry is practical or possible. As defined by NFPA 1006/1670 guideline “water moving at a rate greater than 1 knot [1.85km/hr. (1.15 mph or 1.69 ft/sec)]”.  With large-scale flooding now common in rural and urban environments, moving water may be swift and the need for safe and effective training programs are in demand.

The purpose of the Swiftwater program is to provide necessary skills and knowledge in performing life-saving operations in swift water, and the importance of understanding the dangers of moving water such as strainers and hydraulics. This course is Colorado State P.O.S.T. approved. 3 days of intense training!

These are a few highlights that you will be exposed to during our Swift Water level I training:

  • Calculating water speed- CFS, CFM, and KNOTS
  • Planting spotters with throw bags
  • Setting up low angle rigging
  • Use of throw bags, PSDS net system and sash weights for victim extrication
  • Rapid “Z-system” line set up and proper technician
  • Proper handling of patients to prevent further injury
  • Prevention of costly equipment purchasing mistakes

These are a few highlights that you will be exposed to during our Swift Water level II training:

  • Offensive survival swimming skills
  • High angle rigging
  • Dynamic anchoring systems
  • In-water Swift Water Survival Skills
  • Haul systems
  • Rapid planning and staging using bridges
  • Boat-based rescue operations
  • Contact victim “go” or “no go” rescues
  • Safe patient handling techniques
  • Bridge Rescue Operations
  • Rescue Board Usage
  • Medical Considerations
  • Agency Coordination
  • Search and Recovery Operations
  1. 18 years old
  2. Should be a member of an Emergency First Response group
  3. Must be a good swimmer, in good health and comfortable working in the
  4. CPR / AED / O2 / First Aid Certified.

Additional Swiftwater Rescue Course Instruction

  • Swift Water Rescue 1 & 2
  • Swift Water Rescue Night Operations
  • Canal Rescue 1 & 2
  • IRB Boat Operations
  • PWC Training
  • Tender Operations
  • CPR ,First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Field Neurological Evaluation and Oxygen Administration