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Rapid Transport Sled – RTS

The R.T.S. for ice rescue is the rescuer’s choice in ice extrication and victim care. The R.T.S. is precisely designed for ease of operation. The R.T.S. takes the rescuer out on the ice, through the water and back up on the ice.

Rapid Transport Sled

R.T.S. Storage Bag

Ice Rescue Systems RTS storage bag is a multipurpose, multi-feature storage system. This storage bag is specifically designed to not only provide protective storage for the RTS, but to give the rescuer a convenient dressing station as well.

R.T.S. Storage Bag

9-1-1 Reach Pole Only

The 9-1-1 ice rescue pole is one pole with all the features you will ever need. Whether it’s used for the rescuer’s safety, a victim extrication or a dog retrieval our 9-1- 1 pole is your best choice. You get nine features – one pole with one great price for everything.

9-1-1 Reach Pole w Retriever 120′

Includes The Retriever 120′ System – dog rescue device with 120 feet of line.

Retriever 120′ Rope and Bag

While there are many “dog snaring” devices on the market today, none will protect the rescuer better than the Retriever 120’ dog rescue device. Ice Rescue Systems believes that keeping the dog independent of the rescuer is safer for not only the rescuer.

Standard Sling

The Standard Sling water rescue sling designed to offer positive buoyancy to victims in water. There is no comparison to other similar devices available on the market.

Pro-Recon Sling

The Pro-Recon Sling can be added to our Rapid Transport Sled, or to the 9-1-1 reach pole. It is the rescuer’s choice of victim positive buoyancy. The Pro-Recon Sling is specifically designed for “The Ultimate,” in ease of operation while versatile to being used as sling or tube style configuration

Water Operations Harness

The Water Operations Harness (WOH) is a one of kind upper body, chest harness that is second to none. Our (WHO) has been tested and meets NFPA 1500 and NFPA 1983 standards. Our (WHO) is used in both dive and ice rescue operations. Our harness is fully adjustable and fits most rescuers.

150′ 200′ 300′ 400′ 600′ Tetherlines with bag

The IRS Tether Line Rope and Bag are an excellent choice for any law enforcement or fire department involved in tender directed water operations where light weight and strong rope are needed. IRS high visibility signature colors come in red and blue. Designed to differentiate the tasks that are associated with the tether line. Keeping your operations efficient and organized.

Shortline Tethers

Ice Rescue Systems short line tethers are designed to be used with advanced operations utilizing the R.T.S. Short line tethers are also color coded and are specifically used with “in-haul / out-haul” systems. They come complete with matching color coded carabiners.

Throw Bag with chemical light attachment

Throw Bag is an excellent choice for any law enforcement or fire department that may be involved in water rescue work where light weight, strong rope may be needed.. The high visibility yellow denier pack cloth bag incorporates 75′ of 3/8″ Poly Pro Rope line.